The increasing awareness of the environmental protection, increasing consumption of electricity and the gap between supply and demand have led to found our EMPORes products. The Company was founded by engineers, whose expertise was directed towards the development of energy saving equipment and resolving the issue of reducing wire losses due to weak power transmission, the operation of devices functioning on the basis of power consumption, and increasing the overall efficiency of electricity.

Empores is a company specializing in the technology for advanced energy management solutions by reducing power consumption and costs for the business and industrial sector and the service sector as well as for commercial and industrial buildings, residences and other special applications.

Business Philosophy

Each and every company needs to face a range of challenges and opportunities every day, from rapid technological change, emergence of new markets and competitors. Acting according to the situation quickly and efficiently is critical to success.

In today’s world scenario, Energy is an important input required for economic and social development. The global energy consumption is kept on rising. In spite of existing power generation capacity, there is still a peak demand shortage around the world. To mitigate shortage of energy in general and electricity in particular the conservation is essential.

Present market energy price is rising significantly globally due to relative scarcity that can continue for a long. Energy Efficiency improvements not only reduce the energy consumed but also improves energy security of the country to ensure sustained availability of energy resources at affordable price.

In the present day’s scenario of Energy Conservation drive globally, customers are increasingly becoming aware of the need for installing quality and reliable Energy Savers. Empores has developed range of products in the field of energy efficiency, which reduces energy consumed by equipment’s thereby contributing in the field of Energy Conservation which is not only National but a Global priority.

We believe that innovation is the key to success and continuous research and development ensured product up gradation over the years and the product got wider appreciation for its quality, performance and reliability and this has helped the company to establish stronger customer base. Empores team has the mix of experience and expertise in the field of Energy Auditing, Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Energy Saving devices.

New partnerships between U.S. and South African organizations were recognized during a signing ceremony at the Powering South Africa Conference. From left to right: Jaime Cruz, Millenium Solutions; Edwina Felix, Peer Africa; Carsten Larsen, Dow; Sheila Moynihan, EERE; Bipin Shah, WinBuild; Teresa Scheepers, Municipal Manger of !Khies; Minister Counselor Laird Treiber, U.S. Embassy; Logesh Janarthanan, EMPORes LLC; Dr. Xiahohua Xia, University of Pretoria; Mothusi Guy, PEER Africa; Nothemba Mlonzi, SANEDI Board of Directors; David Mahuma, SANEDI; Dr. Ravi Srinivasan, University of Florida; Barry Bredenkamp, SANEDI. | Photo credit: Ignus Gerber Photography

Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition in South Africa

Leading U.S. and South African experts from industry, government, and the nonprofit sector came together this week for the Powering South Africa with Cleaner & Smarter Energy Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The event, co-sponsored by the Energy Department, was a great success. Laird Treiber, the Minister Counselor for Economic Affairs in the American Embassy in South Africa; Karl Fickenscher, Deputy Coordinator of the Power Africa Initiative; Nothemba Mlonzi, Chair of SANEDI’s Board of Directors; and Barry Bredenkamp, the Senior Manager for Energy Efficiency in SANEDI, provided keynote remarks, demonstrating the importance of cooperation on energy issues.

Why is the Energy Department engaged with South Africa? South Africa is an attractive destination for U.S. energy companies, and provides significant potential for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions through clean energy deployment. South Africa has the highest energy consumption in Africa, and has one of the largest economies on the continent. Energy engagement is particularly important now, as South Africa is facing its worst power crisis since 2008, with the potential for severe power shortages impacting many homes and businesses.

A real highlight of this week’s conference was the recognition of new partnerships that have formed as a result of the Accelerating Deployment of Clean Energy Solutions in South Africa project launched by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) in 2014.

The EERE South Africa Project creates opportunities for large and small U.S. companies to better understand the South African business and policy environment, develop relationships with potential local part­ners, and demonstrate their products in South Africa’s growing market. At the Powering South Africa Conference this week, two new partnerships between U.S. and South African companies were formally recognized. As a result of these partnerships, a California start-up is now exporting to South Africa “cool” paints that efficiently cool buildings by reflecting the sun’s heat; and a Louisiana-based start-up is exporting highly efficient electrical transformers to South Africa.

U.S.–South African collaboration is also enriched through the development of university partnerships to expand capacity building and research for further technology development and deployment. The conference celebrated a new partnership between the Northern Cape Rural Further Education & Training College and the University of South Florida that will support collaboration on renewable energy research and education. A new agreement between the University of Florida and University of Pretoria will focus on training graduate students in South Africa to use state-of-the-art modeling software designed by the University of Florida to analyze energy savings opportunities in buildings.

Partnerships like these—between U.S. and South African government agencies, academic institutions, and private industry—can play an important role in helping South Africa achieve greater energy security and helping EERE achieve its mission of creating and sustaining American leadership in the transition a global clean energy economy.

EERE’s South Africa project supports the U.S.–South Africa Energy Dialogue. Established in 2010 by the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy and the South African Minister of Energy, this dialogue provides a platform for high ranking officials to discuss pressing issues that impact both the U.S. and South African energy sectors, and to identify collaborative projects that bring mutual benefit.

EERE’s International Team accelerates the speed and scale of clean energy deployment through international collaboration. Learn more about the office’s work and this project .