EMPORES is an Energy Efficiency Technology Company that Consults, designs, automate and manufacture to utilize energy optimization techniques and savings energy for industries, Commercial and Residential buildings.The company was founded to focus on optimizing Energy losses and resolving the issues of weak power transmissions to create a better solution in Energy Efficiency. EMPORES is dedicated to the research of Electrical Efficiency, suppression of energy losses and improve Energy savings.

Fully automated AI Powered Smart Power Optimizer with Automated Demand response

Machine learning algorithm for optimal load Curve Prediction with dynamic Aggregation and de-aggregation of connected load.

Internet of Things (IOT) with integrated cloud analytics to Gain insight of consumption data and operating conditions to control demand

is an AI based power optimizer that aims at delivering an most optimal load curve at the distribution point varying the power parameters at an optimal level to keep up with the requirements of operational aspects and eliminating the Losses.

is a Power optimization Technique with Impedance matching technology to calculate the effective and most optimal slip of the motor. The machine learning algorithm will develop a predictive optimal curve of the connected load to run the machines and motor load more effectively and save energy. The system also protect the sensitive loads and machines from spike, transient, inrush, harmonics and voltage imbalance.

improve overall Power quality. Power Quality losses, is one of the most ignored attributes in an electrical network, as it is not directly measured and therefore is not evident in the energy bills. A high harmonic and a low PF are significant factors in power quality which improved would have benefits in conserving energy, improving life of equipment and unearth extra capacity.

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Combines Machine learning (ML), Embedded Artificial intelligence (AI) and impedance matching technique in which the Maximum power is transferred from a source to load when the load resistance matches the internal resistance of the source. The system is high advanced and sophisticated that are equipped with State of the Art Control systems that has monitoring, measuring and reporting techniques. Each System is carefully calibrated according to the electrical equipment and load profile of the client. In addition to allowing considerable energy savings, this also guarantees safe and protected operation and a longer service life for both the system and the connected equipment.

All power transferring devices, including transformers, have inherent impedance with resistive, inductive or capacitive components. The resistive component is of particular importance in energy efficiency because it causes a power loss (I2R). In the power loss is less than 0.3%, contributing to the overall reduction of energy costs.

Electrical feeders cause a power loss due to the resistive component of their impedance, and this power consumption is increased when the line and load impedances are not matched. Being positioned between the feeder line and the load, units are capable of providing impedance matching, dynamic control and equipment protection which reduces resistive losses and conserves energy, optimizing the delivery of electrical power to the user’s equipment.


does not have any moving parts, which means that none of its components will suffer mechanical wear over time. This eliminates maintenance costs and ensures a long service life of more than 20 years.

The Advanced Design of has been able to achieve an efficiency of more than 99.3% at both full-load and part-load conditions. This high efficiency is not achievable with regular step down transformers, where it is affected negatively during part-load operation.

Few Autotransformers or voltage management transformers are implemented only with the goal of saving energy, without considering the presence of transient phenomena in the electric supply. SmartPo transformer design has a unique winding configuration that provides additional benefits such as power quality, phase balancing, protection against transients and mitigation of harmonics. This device protects your electrical installation completely and provides a risk-free electrical power supply.

Each device is manufactured according to the needs and requirements of the customer, considering the specific electrical issues at each facility. We have an individual approach to our customers, considering in each case the electrical devices owned, type of operation and load characteristics. This allows us to calculate with great precision, the potential energy savings and the reduction in power consumption. We have clear and established procedures, technological expertise and very attractive return on your investment.