Energy Intelligence And Analytics Framework

NeuroBotz energy analytics frame work uses Dynamic data aggregation and deep learning techniques to handle multiple meter, sub-meter and machine level data that aggregates and de-aggregates the energy data in real time. The system has the ability to store and retrieve large amount of data with quick response time.

NeuroBotz framework does more than just collect and communicate your energy data, its energy analytics algorithm does parsing and prioritizing detailed energy information that use the data to create a dynamic optimal load curve for control systems.

NeuroBotz metering and reporting electrical data from multiple breaker and machine level will be collected and stored to its cloud-based architecture. The system delivers insight into individual equipment power use, the complete facility, or collective data on multiple facility into single sign on dashboard.

NeuroBotz data collection and reporting services also give insights on..

  • Load curtailment process that Identifies equipment that are operating unnecessarily which create a Peak demand which incur demand charges, and make sure it alerts the management to take action.
  • Identify equipment’s that underperform compared to equipment standard code and identify its efficiency losses
  • Reduce costs by changing operational procedures and eliminating unnecessary consumption and outline optimal start-up sequence.
  • Generate savings from detailed demand analyses and proactive energy management programs that uses detailed data collection to create low cost demand management procedures.