Empores Products

EMPORes’s SmartPO for Lighting Load – Usable with lighting equipment of all types.
EMPORes’s SmartPO for Mixed Load – Used for combined resistive and inductive loads, such as those found in office buildings, commercial centers, healthcare facilities and educational institutions.
EMPORes’s SmartPO for Motor Load – Usable with all types of single-phase and three-phase electric motors.

The EMPORes technology is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Office buildings of all types
  • Single-phase and three-phase motors of all types
  • Small, medium & large industries
  • Commercial centers
  • Educational institutions and sports complexes
  • Oil & gas industry, as well as gas stations
  • Software and IT service companies
  • Street, outdoor & warehouse lighting
  • Electrical substations & power plant control rooms
  • Bus stops, train stations, tunnels, sea ports & airports
  • Hotels, resorts, apartments & other lodging services
  • Healthcare facilities & laboratories
  • Theatres
  • Technological parks & industrial processing zones
  • Residential complexes
  • Outdoor lighting applications in general

Based on years of experience and the results of successful installations, the EMPORes unit is guaranteed to:

  • Reduce energy consumption in kWh by up to 30%
  • Reduce carbon emissions by up to 30%
  • Reduce electric energy costs by up to 30%
  • Reduce reactive power consumption in kVAR by up to 45%
  • Reduce peak demand from the electric utility in kVA by up to 14%
  • Reduce electric utility fees due to peak demand
  • Power factor correction, eliminating utility fees in the process
  • Overall improvement in power quality
  • Protection against transient phenomena in the power supply
  • Contribute to three-phase voltage balance
  • Increase power transmission capacity in wiring by eliminating reactive and harmonic currents
  • Improve the efficiency and capacity of high-voltage transformer banks
  • Optimize the capacity of existing power plants and distribution networks
  • Extend the service life of lamps, machinery, electronic devices and other equipment
  • Filtering of harmonic distortion & suppression of harmful harmonics
  • Easily measurable and verifiable increase in efficiency
  • Reduce capital expenses due to early equipment replacements
  • 5 year warranty and more than 20 years of service life
  • Maintenance cost reduction for all electrical equipment

Our developed energy audit system, high technology, and individual approach to our customers according to their specific equipment and load characteristics, as well as our experience along many years, allow us to calculate and guarantee energy savings with great precision and also allow us to guarantee reductions in CO2 emissions.

Multi Digital Meter (MDM):-

Multi digital meter are energy monitoring device which can show instant electrical parameter like Voltage, Ampere, Wattage, Hertz, KVA, KWH and Power Factor.

Power Analyzer (Datalogger):-

Datalogger is an additional optional device attached to Multi Digital meter, which has the storage capacity inside it. It can do the function of MDM meter at the same time it can record all electrical parameters and can be downloaded with the help of USB port between the computer and Unit for future analysis.

Online data-meter :-

Online data-meter is a gadget, which helps to view or analyze the electrical parameters online at any part of the globe.

Thyristor Model:-

Thyristor is a solid state switching device which is used to switch electrical parameter from one level to other with respect to time (Parameters, Voltage, Ampere). The Thryristor model automatically switched the load to the pre-programmed parameter level. It senses input levels and proportionally switches to optimized desired level based on program, at 0 crossing. If comes with the option of integrated with SmartPO which can Optimize Voltage with respect to time.

Automatic Power Factor Controller (APFC) or Intelligent Power Factor Controller (iPFC):-

The motor loads are also called inductive loads which will pulls down the power factor and detoriate the quality of power. APFC will improve the power quality and provide the output nearer to 1. The APFC Model allows power factors to be maintained at a fix range required for energy conservation. Penalties are implemented by electric companies if set Power Factors are not maintained. It controls and maintains power factors at programmed range. It allows to connect capacitor/s when required to the power supply to maintain the PF within range.

If comes with the option of integrated with SmartPO which can do the dual action of Improve Power Quality & Optimize Voltage.