Measured Parameters

  • DLE Today
  • DLE MTD (This Month Until Today)
  • Operator Performance
  • Machine Summary
  • Last 10 Jobs

Predictive Maintenance

To create a process that solves the preventive maintenance related issues need to Incorporate, integrate or reuse Sensors including CTs, Vibrational, and Airflow for Key equipment’s such has heavy blower, large compressor which supply air for floor operation.

This help to derive a predictive maintenance on these equipment’s which includes optimal operation efficiency, motor deteriorating factors/failure rate, Current increase due to system vibration exceeding the threshold value.

System and Direct Labor Efficiency (DLE)

Operation efficiency and direct labor efficiency (DLE) automation process include capturing the Parts produced at segregated zonal level to identify Downtime, emergency stop frequency, part produced history comparison, Schedule vs. produced analysis which lead to effective future production planning, overall plant efficiency based on product delivered. The Above interventions can also have additional capability to capture

  • Motor Harmonics
  • Starting Torque
  • Speed VS Torque
  • RPM (load/ No Load)
  • Machine down Time
  • Normalized output - Kwh / item, Kwh / Sq-ft.
  • Prediction of failure