Introduction to our Technology

EMPORes intelligent transformer uses impedance matching technique where the Máximum power is transferred from a source to load when the load resistance matches the internal resistance of the source. It is a highly advanced and sophisticated power optimizer with Control systems that has monitoring, measuring and reporting techniques. Each System is carefully calibrated according to the electrical equipment and load profile of the customer. In addition to allowing considerable energy savings, this also guarantees safe operation and a longer service life for both the EMPORes system and the customer’s equipment.

Low Loss Technology

All power transferring devices, including transformers, have inherent impedance with resistive, inductive or capacitive components. The resistive component is of particular importance in energy efficiency because it causes a power loss (I2R). In the EMPORes unit, the power loss is only 0.3%, contributing to the overall reduction of energy costs.

Impedance Matching Technology

Electrical feeders also cause a power loss due to the resistive component of their impedance, and this power consumption is increased when the line and load impedances are not matched. Being positioned between the feeder line and the load, the EMPORes units are capable of impedance matching, which reduces resistive losses and conserves energy, optimizing the delivery of electrical power to the user’s equipment.

Additional Benefits

The EMPORes unit does not have any moving parts, which means that none of its components will suffer mechanical wear over time. This eliminates maintenance costs and ensures a long service life of more than 20 years.

The Advanced Design of EMPORes has been able to achieve an efficiency of more than 99% at both full-load and part-load conditions. This high efficiency is not achievable with regular autotransformers, where it is affected negatively during part-load operation.

Autotransformers are implemented only with the goal of saving energy, without considering the presence of transient phenomena in the electric supply. The EMPORes, in addition to saving energy, has a unique winding configuration that provides additional benefits such as power quality, phase balancing, protection against transients and mitigation of harmonics. This device protects your electrical installation completely and provides a risk-free electrical power supply.

Each EMPORes device is manufactured according to the needs and requirements of the customer, considering the specific electrical issues at each facility. We have an individual approach to our customers, considering in each case the electrical devices owned, type of operation and load characteristics. This allows us to calculate with great precision the potential energy savings, and with the reduction in power consumption. We have clear and established procedures, technological expertise and very attractive return on your investment. Also we guarantee in reduction in CO2 emissions.

Electrical Problems that Affect Power Quality and Energy Efficiency

There are several electrical phenomena that can have a significant effect on power consumption and energy costs, and can also represent risks for personnel and equipment:

1) Low Power Factor – It is caused by loads with a high inductive component, such as electrical motors, transformers, and high-intensity discharge lighting. A low power factor increases line currents, which causes power losses and equipment overheating. In the long term, this results in increased energy costs and reduced equipment service life. Because of the adverse effects of low power factor, most electrical power companies charge their users an additional fee if they don’t keep it above an established minimum value.

2) Harmonic Distortion – Caused by non-linear loads such as electronic devices (computers, printers, screen devices, etc.) and variable-frequency drives. Harmonic distortion generates heat losses in copper wiring, which increases energy costs. It also damages electrical equipment, increasing reparation, maintenance, and replacement costs.

3) Electrical Transients – These include spikes, sags, and swells in the power supply, and they are caused by equipment switching, lightning strikes, utility issues and switching between the utility and backup power sources on site. Transients can damage equipment, sometimes beyond repair.

EMPORes impedance matching technique with Power optimization is a 2-in-1 solution that provides the best operating conditions for your equipment, by supplying the ideal voltage your equipment needs in order to achieve high energy savings and safe operation.

EMPORes Impedance Matching Technology
  • Impedance-matching technology
  • Advanced transformer with an efficiency of more than 99% thanks to the special lamination of its core and electrolytic copper used in its windings
  • Protection against transient electrical phenomena in the power supply, including TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppression)
  • Automatic optimized harmonic suppression
  • Harmonic distortion filtering
  • Power factor correction (reactive power reduction)
  • Automatic bypass system for under-voltage situations
  • Automatic bypass-controlled switch for direct mode
  • Three-phase voltage balancing
  • Increases power transmission capacity of wiring by eliminating unwanted currents
  • Remote control
  • High saturation point with safety margin of 20%, insulation strength is maintained for up to 80% longer, and the equipment can withstand 3,000 V for 60 seconds
  • Digital power meter for electrical consumption monitoring
  • Enclosure for indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Adaptable design that can suit the available space, with a capacity of up to 3000 kVA.
  • Lifespan of more than 20 years & 5 year warranty