Neurobotz AI Blockchain for Renewables and Energy Efficiency

The research aims to aggregate and control building level demand curve to satisfy grid level demand response needs based on Smart tariff (most cost effective power utilization).

Use a Blockchain technology for smart contract for Demand response event and Increase utility-consumer communication via Blockchain gateway for carbon credit and payment remittance based on ADR (Automated Demand response). The approach uses a Fully automated AI based Smart power optimizer with predictive Demand response AI algorithm that gives flexibility to control and save building level KW utilization up to 20%. The Intelligent algorithm with further Integration of Storage devices and solar PV components would charge at non-peak tariff and deliver Solar priority kva compensation (solar + storage + grid) on peak tariff that could save an extra 15% to consumers.

The Blockchain framework will initiate an automated smart contract that gets further approval from the consumers. The Blockchain infrastructure will capture before and after consumption data to calculate the savings based on solar PV, Energy efficiency interventions and DR events. Then the Blockchain gateway will automate to send out carbon credit, savings remittance and updates the consumer portal.

Research Impact

Success of an Automated Demand response programs depends on human-in-loop inclusion approach by constantly educating the consumers to take advantage of effective power utilization based on smart tariff without loosing their comfort. Our project aims not just to automate the power optimization scenario and reduce stress on the grid infrastructure but also create a framework for consumers to predict, participate and understand the logic behind power utilization and savings on demand response program. Blockchain framework will help to better communicate via a secured platform and modernize the way we utilize power.